Rihanna, Chris Brown and grandma’s advice

// An interview between Rihanna and Oprah is not something I would ordinarily watch.

Written by Jennifer Parnham

Dating in a goldfish bowl

// The face of Strictly Soulmates reveals what it's like to go on a date with millions watching you.

Written by Richard Kays

Greenbelt 2012: Mud-entrenched; justice-invoking

// I’ve given up on trying to scrape the mud off my rucksack and shoved the tent to the back of...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Can you see me now?

// I could walk to church and definitely not be invisible but once inside the doors, I was.

Written by Vicky Walker

Alain De Botton, church chat-up lines and how kids sing Robyn

// Angeline Liles' pick of the week...

Written by Angeline Liles

Backstage with The Cardinals

// Stan's Cafe kick off Greenbelt festival with a whistlestop tour of the Bible

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Friedrich Nietzsche


Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

I’m finally ready to come home

// Life wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t get lost sometimes, right?

Written by Larry Bienz

charity: water – September campaign focuses on Rwanda


Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Israel, Palestine and the Church of England

// "No one is neutral; neither am I, neither the Lord in whom I put my trust when it comes to...

Written by Joe Ware

Summer in the city. Warning: contains moments of mild to extreme peril

// Sunglasses, umbrellas, maxi skirts on escalators and a deserted transport network. This is London 2012.

Written by Liz Clutterbuck

We need to talk about…

// Tell us what you want, what you really, really want.

Written by threads

Singalongs, busy traps and iPhone apps

// Dan Preston provides us with his picks of the week...

Written by Dan Preston

The future of porn

// It’s only a matter of time before those assessing the damage realise how deeply and negatively it's affecting our generation.

Written by Caleb Meakins

Beauty, death and Damien Hirst

// A retrospective at Tate Modern is every bit as challenging and stomach-churning as you might expect

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Edinburgh Fringe: Creativity by the cart-load

// Sara Kewly Hyde is heading to Edinburgh for this year's Fringe. Here she shares her top picks of what to...

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Charlie Chaplin, new US drama, The Newsroom and Jimmy Carr’s tax dodging

// Joe Ware provides us with some excellent global viewpoints in his pick of the week.

Written by Joe Ware

Come as you are? When the Church rejects.

// We need to face up to the fact that outside our doors, the Church has got a bad rep.

Written by Chine McDonald

Emma Scrivener: God came for the good girls as well as the bad


Written by Emma Scrivener

Lycra – the unsung hero of the Olympics

// It appears to have gone eerily quiet in Cynic City over the last couple of weeks.

Written by Sam Gibb