Signing off

// May you unapologetically pursue purpose, full of faith.

Written by Stu Bothwell

The heartbeat of threads

// Finding God’s peace in the seemingly chaotic

Written by Thomas McConaghie

The final thread

// We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the threads collective

Written by Stu Bothwell

Why our world needs us to be leaders

// At the Evangelical Alliance, we believe that leadership is not an elite pursuit; it is something that is needed at every level, and in every community, workplace, city and village.

Written by Abi Jarvis

Making Jesus Known

// Playing our part in the Great Commission.

Written by Eve Balshaw

My year with Evangelical Alliance

// Here's some areas of EA's work that I've loved connecting with this year.

Written by Lauren Agnew

Luminous Dark

// When you follow God in wholehearted obedience, and suddenly your entire world falls apart; when your deepest, most urgent prayers are met with silence – can faith survive?

Written by Alain Emerson

The importance of conversion

// Part five of our series 'What is an evangelical?'

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

The centrality of the cross

// Part four of our series 'What is an evangelical?'

Written by Joey Robinson

The centrality of Christ

// Part three of our series 'What is an evangelical?'

Written by Abi Bull

The centrality of the Bible

// Part two of our series 'What is an evangelical?'

Written by Rich Powney

What is an evangelical?

// Evangelicalism is not so much about drawing boundaries and deciding who is in or out. Rather, it is a dynamic movement, calling people to the standard or banner of the King of Kings.

Written by Peter Lynas

What is in your hands?

// We’ve all been there. At some point, almost all of us have been asked, ‘what do you want to do with your life?’.

Written by Lauren Agnew

Jesus, friends and enemies

// Christians have never been so suitably placed to live out a different story of enemy love that will undoubtably jar with the prevailing narrative of the times.

Written by John McGrath

Better debate in uncertain times

// In a world of polarisation, fake news, Brexit and Trump, where do Christians stand in times of increasing uncertainty?

Written by Chris Anderson

Do you love God and/or His Church?

// I've seen too many people walk out the Church doors, leaving their faith behind. This deeply saddens me. The reasons for this exit can so often come down to this: some love Church without loving God, whilst others love God without His Church.

Written by Joey Robinson

A time to pray

// What would happen if we started seeing every piece of news as an opportunity for prayer? Part Five in our series curated by Open Doors.

Written by Mike Walker

Can anything good come out of North Korea?

// What’s the darkest place in the world you can think of? Perhaps you might think of North Korea. Do you think God could still be at work even there?

Written by threads

Christianity’s biggest threat

// We are told Christianity in the UK is under pressure. Surveys citing changing social attitudes and declining church attendance are often used to forecast Christianity’s expiry date. However, there’s a much bigger threat to Christianity than half empty churches.

Written by Matthew Rees

Five reasons to be inspired by the persecuted Church

// The persecuted church. Millions of Christians every day making the choice to lose it all, give up everything, and wake up to a day that require full reliance on God. Here are five reasons why I believe this source of inspiration is for all of us.

Written by Pete Hopper