Better debate in uncertain times

// In a world of polarisation, fake news, Brexit and Trump, where do Christians stand in times of increasing uncertainty?

Written by Chris Anderson

God speaks in the small

// So, I did this thing ... and realised that I don't have to be afraid of scars, labels or decisions.

Written by Elizabeth Neep

Running on empty: lessons from an Icelandic geyser

// Sometimes, the most courageous thing that God is calling us to do is to stop and be still.

Written by Claire Rush

Why I cried when I got glasses

// Could it be that the greatest act of resistance is to treat our bodies as valuable members of our whole selves?

Written by Gemma Brown

The internet, anonymity, integrity and the Bible

// Why who we are, or who we show ourselves to be online matters.

Written by Guy Brandon

Black is the new black

// Black and British: here’s what I’m doing to reject the labels

Written by Yvonne Dodoo

Our loss of identity: how our culture is lying to us all

// After Black Friday, we consider whether living ethically is just for hippies and annoying do-gooders.

Written by Anya Briggs

How would you rate yourself?

// Reflecting on the first episode of the latest season of Black Mirror and the implications for our faith.

Written by Cat Caird

British? Irish? Northern Irish?

// I know my identity is wrapped up in the kingdom of God, but when the place you call home has conflicting views about who they are, it takes its toll.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

National identity vs identity in Christ 

// Remembering our identity beyond the symbols and rituals.

Written by Mike Tyler

I want to be famous

// Why are we so obsessed with celebrities?

Written by Jack Skett

This is NOT a scan picture

// Why I've chosen to adopt, not give birth.

Written by Amy Burns

He knows you

// He knows every detail and nanosecond of your existence - every atom, molecule, skin cell, and ligament.

Written by Sheridan Voysey

Everyday faith after festivals end

// As an organiser of a Christian festival, I am the first to say that our lives shouldn’t just be shaped by a one-time event.

Written by Sarah Yardley

I’m not going to be a history-maker

// What exactly does it mean to do ‘amazing things for God’?

Written by David Binder

We have to talk about our future

// Acceptance and welcome aren’t real if they depend on one fitting into a culture-shaped box.

Written by Dave Magill

Where’s my stage?

// And other lies that keep us from serving.

Written by Gabby Llewellyn

The God story

// A snapshot of the God story that, as joint heirs with Christ, we are now a part of.

Written by Peter Lynas

British, Indian, Christian: who am I?

// How do we navigate our identity in an increasingly diverse society and find our true identity in Christ?

Written by Steve Uppal

Hello, your name is not Single

// Seven pieces of advice for single people.

Written by Gemma Brown