Websites (especially ours, I’m sure you’ll agree) and social media are fantastic. But sometimes there’s nothing better than good old face to face interaction. Chatting, meeting new people, sparking ideas off each other – that’s when the magic happens.

So as a collective, we think it’s a good idea for us to… well, collect. From talks to talent showcases, and sometimes just an excuse to get to know each other, we’ll be hosting meet-ups all over the UK.

We’re working on some more informal networking gatherings and will keep you posted about them here. If you’d like to help us organise a gathering in your area, contact us at [email protected].

We’re also friends with industry-related Christian networks and other interest groups, so we’ll let you know here about any interesting events coming up with them.

Past events

Catalyst 2016

We are all unfinished Christians. None of us have reached our full potential with God.

The Pursuit

A four-day gathering fuelled by non-stop worship, prayer, community + justice.

Show Up Contest

Passionate about political engagement? Enter our contest for a free ticket to the Show Up Weekend!

Conflict, Peace & Us

CHIPS, Rhythms and threads are hosting an evening looking at peace on a local, national and international level.