Every day more than 50 children need to be taken into care in the UK. They are removed from traumatic, chaotic, abusive or neglectful situations and are in need of caring families and stable homes where they can be loved and nurtured. Currently, 4,000 children are waiting to be adopted and 8,600 more foster families are urgently required to meet the need.

These children are amongst the most vulnerable people in our society – what can the Church do to help them? What might a Christian response look like? How does fostering and adoption fit within the Church’s social justice agenda?

Many who have attended Home for Good information evenings are in their 20s and 30s and are playing a key role in this conversation as they seek to respond to these questions, engaging with this as a social justice issue and considering whether adoption and fostering may be a part of their future.

threads is joining with Home for Good to host a series of evenings across England for those in their 20s and 30s wanting to explore fostering, adoption and the Church’s response. Join us to find out more about the children, discuss the issues, and share your ideas for how we can ensure that every child has a safe and loving Home for Good.

We’ll be hosting events in Durham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bath during the week beginning 5 October. Scroll down for ticket information – it’s free!

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We are a collective of Christians from all walks of life, who are living, working and trying to carve out our identity in our worlds. We know our lives can be broken and dislocated and we also know Jesus is the ultimate fixer. We are humble, because we are not worthy. So we’re not judges, and we don’t do platitudes. Life can be full of knots, but we’re living it to the full.

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