What’s wrong with 2016? Me.

// This article isn’t about blind optimism. This is about looking far enough ahead to see the end of the story.

Written by Andy Flannagan

What we loved in December

// A Christmas round-up to see off 2016.

Written by threads

5 steps to avoiding #awkward Christmas

// Including advice on how to avoid messing up the Christmas carol lyrics.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Crime and Punishment and Christmas

// 150 years on, I remember how too often, I'm Raskolnikov.

Written by Christine Gilland

7 tips for surviving Christmas with the in-laws

// When your new family takes the fun out of Christmas, what can you do?

Written by Anonymous

Why I have an issue with nativity plays

// How paying attention to Advent has stirred my appreciation of Christmas

Written by Thomas McConaghie

5 ways to make this Christmas (more) meaningful

// A Christmas message from our friends at Christians Against Poverty.

Written by Joseph Allison

Humbling the Special One

// None of us are immune from being humbled. Even God Almighty humbled himself to walk with us on earth.

Written by Manoj Raithatha

Home is…?

// The incarnation symbolises the divine walking alongside humanity, hand in hand. Being with us, knowing us, healing us, giving to us, being safe and open and now. Immanuel - home.

Written by Gemma Brown

Tales from a former Christmas orphan

// What happens when you find yourself on the other side of the world from your family at Christmas?

Written by Amanda Robinson

Divorce and Danish living

// As part of our Advent series, we are look this week at love, and how to survive Christmas when you feel alone

Written by Ruth Clements

12 alternative Christmassy songs

// Our genre-hopping playlist of the season has 12 tracks for your listening pleasure.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Coping with Christmas

// 'Tis the season for joy and celebration but for many, emptiness and sadness pervade.

Written by Rachael Newham

#MyAdvent – Nadine

// In our second post in the #MyAdvent series, we catch up with singer/songwriter Nadine about what Christmas means to her.

Written by threads

#MyAdvent – Benjamin Robinson

// We ask some of our friends what Advent means to them in our new #MyAdvent series

Written by Benjamin Robinson

The gentrification of the Nativity

// "The birth of Christ is dangerous, shocking and uncomfortable."

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Boy about town: ’tis the season for flirting

// "The time of year we tend to be a bit more casual with our affections; ever so slightly more daring...

Written by Boy About Town

The perils of hope

// "Being hopeful is risky. But it’s a risk we should take."

Written by Phil Green

Joy to the world?

// I’m worried there is something wrong with me...

Written by Sarah Stone

The joy of messy family at Christmas

// 'If Mary and Joseph had knocked on your door, would you have let them in? Or would you prefer not...

Written by Nell Goddard