And to get you all ready for some Yuletide fun – even if your attitude to Christmas is generally this – we’ve scoured the internet to find you a Christmas-themed monthly round-up, featuring carol mash-ups, dogs in Christmas jumpers and Shetland ponies. Enjoy!


1. There is no way you can be unimpressed by this. ^^

2. 23 signs we’re living in the future – yeah, 2016 doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

3. This pony is putting all your NY resolutions to shame, already.

4. Dogs wearing Christmas jumpers. Nothing can go wrong with this picture.

5. An oldie, but a goodie … the worst family Christmas cards you will EVER see.

6. Ok, rabbits aren’t really Christmas – probably more Easter, if we’re honest – but we dare you to find a cuter pet video. (And if you do, please share it with us!)

7. Fans of Pitch Perfect and Christmas carols (yes, there’s a large crossover), will love this: 15 Christmas tune mashups. Featuring Party Rock Anthem vs Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Oh yes.

8. This is gorgeous. Upworthy asked its readers what their favourite Christmas gifts were – and the results make for some heart-warming reading.

9. If you’re struggling to make it through advent with dignity and grace, this advice on being a ladyperson could be for you.

10. And of course, we couldn’t let the opportunity to mention the Evangelical Alliance #nativitymannequinchallenge pass us by. Look out for some of our threads staff: Chine, Amaris and Christine all make appearances – and Alex is the brilliant cameraman!

From all the threads team, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! See you in the New Year! 


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