Lessons from our spiritual ancestors | part II

// More book recommendations to help you on your spiritual journey.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

What we loved in May

// Featuring gospel tunes, South Asia's take on Humans of New York, and conspiracy theories galore.

Written by threads

Lessons from our spiritual ancestors | part I

// Here are the books that changed my spiritual walk.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

10 books for your inner activist

// In the lead-up to our event on activism this week, here's a short reading list...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

What we loved in February

// In the month of love, we share a bookstore owner's snarky signs, and talk about THAT guy blinking.

Written by threads

What we loved in December

// A Christmas round-up to see off 2016.

Written by threads

Crime and Punishment and Christmas

// 150 years on, I remember how too often, I'm Raskolnikov.

Written by Christine Gilland

What we loved in September

// The things that got us talking this month...

Written by threads

30 books for Christians under 30

// This is a non-definitive list, please don't shout at me!

Written by Hannah Malcolm

What we loved in July

// Featuring all the things for a summer Monday.

Written by threads

Things we loved in June

// The non-Brexit related things we've been talking about this month

Written by threads

Rooted: The hidden places where God develops you

// Banning Liebscher on waiting, growth and building good foundations...

Written by Banning Liebscher

What we loved in May

// Another round-up of Friday inspo for you...

Written by threads

March inspo

// Here's what's been inspiring team threads in March...

Written by threads

The art of manliness · reflections on week 5

// Finally, Thomas' 30 day challenge comes to an end. Read his thoughts on the last few days.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

What we loved in November: the inspo round-up

// It's Thursday; time to take a break! Have a look at what we've been watching, listening and reading in the last month...

Written by threads

Dorothea: the extraordinary woman

// As an aspiring writer, I am constantly looking to the voices of other female writers for wisdom and guidance -...

Written by Vicky Noble

50 shades of abuse

// "People would like to think domestic abuse is something “over there” affecting “those people”. But it’s not."

Written by Natalie Collins

3 Christian paradoxes that’ll help you worship

// The Bible is a complex and at times difficult collection of books...

Written by Sam Hailes

Do we really need leaders?

// Perhaps, like a candidate on The Apprentice, we feel the need to start each task by appointing someone to take...

Written by Matt White