Can you believe February is nearly over? We still haven’t quite gotten over 2016 yet – pop down to item number 10 to see what we mean.

As always, there’s a LOT to get through, on this serious business of finding interesting things on the internet. So, here goes. We hope you enjoys this latest round-up, and let us know in the comments if you’ve seen something amazing that you think we should know about!

  1. A curmudgeonly bookstore owner (sound familar?) and his hilariously awesome signs. (He’ll hate that we said that.) Read the interview with him here, including the brilliant line: “The customer isn’t always right. I am.”
  2. This brilliant social experiment on doubt has been all over the socials this month. If you haven’t caught it yet, have a peek.
  3. We also came across a new worship collective, People & Songs – their whole YouTube channel is great – but Give Us Your Heart is as great an intro to their work as any.


4. Spoiler: Having It All Sucks is a great read for February, when it can feel like life has become about work, work, work again. We’re chatting about similar themes of redefining success in our upcoming threads event, Lean Out, on International Women’s Day (8 March).

5. This gif, which has been circulating the internet over the last week, has been the subject of a few HILARIOUS tweets. See here, here and here. Get on the hashtag #whiteguyblinking for so much more.

6. Discovering Facebook groups of utterly niche pointlessness is one of the great joys in life. If you want to join the plaintively-named Dear Pringles, I Cannot Fit My Hand Inside Your Tube Of Deliciousness or even the extremely Type A Accomplishing Something Before The Microwave Reaches 00:00 groups, you can do see using the links provided. You’re welcome.

7. We all love Brené Brown here, right? If you haven’t seen her talk for The 99 Percent on “Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count”, watch it now! Because as Brené herself says: “Not caring what people think is its own kind of hustle.”

8. If you’re feeling a little unartistic, go to Silk and create some incredible mouse-generated art. Perfect for a slow Friday.

9. If you’re dreaming of a different life, maybe best not to watch this (or at least, hide all your credit cards first).

10. And finally, we leave you to solve the real dilemma of 2016: is this a picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?




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