What we loved in May

// Featuring gospel tunes, South Asia's take on Humans of New York, and conspiracy theories galore.

Written by threads

Stormzy is teaching me to talk about my faith

// Four things to learn from the biggest name in UK rap right now

Written by Nathan Hodson

What we loved in April

// Including boomwhackers and Mr Darcy, circa 2017.

Written by threads

What we loved in February

// In the month of love, we share a bookstore owner's snarky signs, and talk about THAT guy blinking.

Written by threads

What we loved in December

// A Christmas round-up to see off 2016.

Written by threads

The death of a ladies’ man

// A tribute to Leonard Cohen.

Written by Danny Webster

What we loved in October

// Featuring Dylan Moran, storytelling and extreme windsurfing.

Written by threads

This is my church: how a nightclub changed my life

// A club would have held no fear for Jesus. I think he would have been last to leave.

Written by Luke Rollins

The best of Britney

// Double denim, lip syncing and wearing a snake as a necklace. It can only mean one thing: Britney is back.

Written by threads

Six ways we heart Brazil

// The Olympics is kicking off in Rio, so we're getting into the Brazilian spirit.

Written by threads

What we loved in July

// Featuring all the things for a summer Monday.

Written by threads

Things we loved in June

// The non-Brexit related things we've been talking about this month

Written by threads

What we loved in May

// Another round-up of Friday inspo for you...

Written by threads

What about the history makers?

// An interview with Martin Smith.

Written by Haydon Spenceley

What it’s like to be … the worship leader’s guitar

// We've kicked off our new 'What it's like to be ...' series with a look at the worship leader's guitar.

Written by Emily Sturgess

Beyoncé’s Psalms: the theology of Lemonade

// The raw, brutal honesty and Psalm-like quality of Lemonade shows us that even Queen Bey hasn’t got it all figured out.

Written by Chine McDonald

Things we loved this April

// Featuring so many YouTube videos your computer may crash

Written by threads

March inspo

// Here's what's been inspiring team threads in March...

Written by threads

What we loved in February

// For your listening/viewing/reading pleasure...

Written by threads

12 alternative Christmassy songs

// Our genre-hopping playlist of the season has 12 tracks for your listening pleasure.

Written by Thomas McConaghie