So, there’s this little old sports event starting this week… we reckon it’s going to be ace.

To get us in the mood for all things Rio 2016, we’ve put together a little Brazil-lovin’ list. Consider this your free journey to Copacabana today:

  1. Acai juice.
    Considering that Brazil contains almost 60 per cent of the Amazon rain forest – where acai berries grow – this is basically awesome jungle juice. Plus, it’s supposed to be a superfood AND it tastes good (holy grail!). So while everyone else is sporting an Olympic beer gut in September, you’ll be sporting an antioxidant-induced glow.
  2. Hot air ballooning.
    Invented by a sprightly Brazilian Jesuit priest, this is perhaps not the most cost-effective way to travel, or even the most convenient, but it’s all in the experience, right? And who doesn’t enjoy having what is essentially a giant Bunsen burner firing up over their head, while they travel? All we know is, they sure know how to have a good time in Brazil.
  3. Brazil Culture & History Podcast.
    If you want to extend your knowledge of Brazil further than Havaianas and cabanas, this podcast has got you covered. There are 12 history nuggets ready for you to devour right away, and more apparently in the pipeline, on everything from conspiratorial teeth-pullers to how the former kings of the Brazilian Empire would put Game of Thrones to shame.
  4. Brazilian sweets.
    We are greedily eyeing up this Brazilian chocolate truffles recipe, with pistachio nuts. Despite the fact that we’re getting the recipe from BBC Good Food, rather than handed down from a lovely Brazilian avó – new word for the day! – these are apparently traditional South American sweets, so we’re just going to unquestioningly enjoy these.
  5. Futvôlei.
    A mixture of football and volleyball, this is one sport we’ve yet to see being properly played in this green and pleasant land. OK, so we might need a sandy beach and some sunshine for starters, but we reckon we may have found a way to join in the action this month, and feel a bit more Brazilian. That can’t ever be a bad thing.
  6. And finally, a little more schoolin’: we thought this history of Brazil told in Polandballs was pretty great.brazil





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