Six ways we heart Brazil

// The Olympics is kicking off in Rio, so we're getting into the Brazilian spirit.

Written by threads

5 ways to be kind on the tube

// Or bus. Or tram. Or train. Or… you get the idea.

Written by Amaris Cole

Risking to the sound of motivational quotes

// Because surely I can't be the only one?! The last post in our series on risk.

Written by Christine Gilland

A letter to a friend on risk

// Continuing our series on risk: here's to stepping out into the next adventure.

Written by Simon Wilce

How I’m learning to leave my comfort zone

// As part of our new series on risk, Amanda asks what happens when the greatest risk is trust?

Written by Amanda Robinson

Our humanity comes to its fullest bloom in giving

// We become beautiful people when we give whatever we can give.

Written by Gemma Brown

Missionary minimalism

// De-cluttering our lives is trendy in the Christian and secular world. But what can be learned from a someone who grew up in a missionary family?

Written by Gabby Llewellyn

5 ways to survive your winter commute

// With Christmas feeling like ages ago already, here's our guide to finding a bit of joy in the commuting this winter.

Written by Naomi Grant

Why God wasn’t meant to be just an idea

// The story of an $75million-inheriting 18-year-old who never set foot outside of his penthouse apartment.

Written by Pete Waugh

Modern news, myopia and me, me, me

// Why our tendency to make the news about us needs to change.

Written by Tim Wyatt

The traveller’s Bible

// The fourth post in our NIV50 series looks at how the Bible is true for every human on earth.

Written by Jo Trickey

Why Christians should be more Danish

// It's all about 'hygge'.

Written by Elisa Pike

Now go… if you can afford to

// Making an idol out of the money I'm raising to go serve abroad.

Written by Elisa Pike

What I’ve learned on the road in Rend Collective

// "... survival of the fittest is the opposite of what it means to live in community."

Written by Gabby Llewellyn

Nomad: Change takes time

// The world’s your oyster. The sky’s the limit. Anything is possible. And what’s more, you can live anywhere you like!

Written by Luke Smith

Nomad: The Great Commissioning and Generation Y

// While there may be no place like home for some, for others, not all who wander are lost.

Written by Elynia Betts

Nomad: Are we a generation of wanderers?

// Are we in the second golden age of exploration?

Written by Dan Lodge

Why I’ll never be a Pinterest mum

// "I wonder if a lot of our culture hasn’t become about reaching a bar that we can’t possibly reach. I...

Written by Anya Briggs

I’m finally ready to come home

// Life wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t get lost sometimes, right?

Written by Larry Bienz