Sociologists reckon so. What with the birth of the internet, the huge breadth of accessibility and our strong urge not to waste our life, it seems that we as a generation have really caught the travel bug. And it’s infectious.

Travel has stopped being a phase and started becoming a lifestyle. A lifestyle filled more with experiences and memories than material possessions and many will tell you just how exciting that is. It rounds us as individuals, it develops a heart for justice and brings cultures and people groups together.

But what does it mean for our faith? Only three per cent of young adults attend church in the UK. Is travelling an enemy of local church? In generations passed we’d move for a church, find a house then look for a job. Now we move for experience, look for a job, find a house and connect to a church.

Or is it a brilliant tool for the Church, after all? As disciples, our calling is to go. Shouldn’t we be celebrating the opportunities that going all over the globe brings us?

We are nomadic, for better or for worse. We need to embrace the pros and be wary of the threats. And we should, at the very least, be talking about it.

And that’s why we made a short film on the issue. It’s called Nomad and looks a little bit more into what it means to be a part of this new, ever-engaging, never-settling generation.

Have a watch, form an opinion, and let’s chat!


(Image: Tomas Laurinavicius via getrefe)

Written by Dan Lodge // Follow Dan on  Twitter //  YFC

Dan is Innovations Coordinator at Youth For Christ. He’s not quite sure what that title means but he’s passionate about telling young people and young adults about Jesus. He heads up Ethos, a series of films for young adults on YouTube. His interests outside of work include hot Ribena and jazz music. He’s an increasingly introverted arsenal fan and has a thing about being spoken about in the third person.

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