It’s hard to believe that April’s nearly over. We’re nearly in SUMMER, BABY! (Ok, maybe a bit premature, but we need to celebrate the small wins, right?)

We have a nice little line-up of things to watch, listen to and read today – so enjoy a dose of late-April goodness on us.


  1. This is the month that brought us our new favourite newsreader, Natasha Exelby. Don’t worry, it’s been confirmed that she won’t be fired for accidentally daydreaming on-air, so you can watch the sheer panic (relatively) guilt-free.

  1. Yes, President Trump may have some enemies, but he also has a lotta friends – including (but definitely not limited to): “Steve, over here,” the “biggest guys in the world” (see: one of), and one of a pair of “tough, tough cookies” (or perhaps he’s friends with both – crazy!). He even has a friend who goes to Paris! All the evidence is here.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Mr Darcy in 2017:
  3. Also, Bach’s Prelude No.1 from the “Well-tempered boomwhacker”. And they say classical music is a niche interest.

  1. On a more serious note, this is a fascinating talk from Q Ideas about ending world poverty, and what human flourishing really looks like. Did this strike a chord? Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below!
  2. If you’re currently single and find you’re facing a lot of questions about why you’re not coupled up and living in the ‘burbs, you might want to post “Marriage is not the mission” on your socials. That should get the message across.
  3. If you have the temerity to be friends with someone who isn’t a Brit, how do you explain the dessert/pudding situation to them? Our resident non-Brit, Christine, says this list of British food explained is a helpful start. If only they did one for queuing…
  4. If you’re in need of some mellow tunes to listen to today, have a listen to one of 2017’s best releases so far – Julie Byrne’s Not Even Happiness. Have a listen to Follow My Voice – it’s the very definition of mellow – perfect for a Friday.
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