July has been a pretty tumultuous month, yes? And of course, we want to engage with what’s going on in the world, but we also sometimes need a funny animal video, to remind us that the world is still an amazing place. Listening to an inspirational message, or a great song works as well, so we’ve got you covered on that front too. And today, we decided to bring this to you on a Monday, because we’re good to you like that. Enjoy! 🙂

1. This is the funny animal video. It’s really good. (PS, do you like anteaters?)

2. Of course, this month we celebrated that most auspicious of dates – the 20th anniversary of the release of WannaBe. We know you might have seen it already, but this updated version of the music video by Global Goals is definitely worth a second, third, or fiftieth watch.

3. If this makes you feel all motivational-like, then you should definitely check out this article on 7 small changes you can make this week for a better life. It’s actually pretty spot-on.

4. Of course, we also can’t not mention the brilliant speech by Michelle Obama at the DNC this month – whatta woman! Also, what’s with those weird vertical placards?

5. We’re hesitant to mention anything else remotely political, but we figured that this picture of David Cameron levitating may just be a nice way to summarise how we feel about all the crazy, mysterious and bizarre things that have been happening this month.

6. We’ve also been chuckling (in a kind of knowing way) at this comedy sketch.

7. I know right now, after watching that, you’re just dying to see a picture of a sleepy duck, right? This is basically how we’re feeling waiting to go on holiday right now.ducksleepy

8. Beyonce’s hair has been much commented on this month, but we think maybe Jay-Z’s beginning to feel like he should have his moment in the limelight?

9. From the Carters to Croydon: a little news that should brighten up the average Londoner’s day – blessing beer is a thing again!

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