Ahhh February: you’re a cruel month.

Your days are cold and bleak, Christmas is a distant memory and we threw the Nutribullet out the window in a rage last week. Oh, you’re still using yours to make green sludge as a breakfast substitute? Just us, then.

On top of that, February insists that our relationship status remain front and center throughout the first half of the month, leaving the singles feeling left out in the Arctic cold and those in a relationship high and dry, beached on the shore of our own expectations. Either way, we’re all in different timezones, but still bankrolling Kleenex.

We. Need. YouTube.

So consider this list your recipe for a little joy this last weekend of Feb, and rejoice in the fact that spring is nearly here, and you will not have to wring your mittens (not a euphemism) by the winter fire for very much longer. Hurrah!

  1. A man doing an interpretative face dance. Don’t watch this with the sound off, it will make no even less sense.
  2. OK Go’s new music video. They’re baaaaaaaaaack! And in zero gravity. Oh yes.
  3. So sometimes when we feel like the world has gone too crazy, we google ‘baby alpacas’. These two are having a grand old time back home on the ranch.


4.  TIL by Reddit. Tired of hearing your news through the drab newspeak of corporations? Do you want to hear the true voice of the people? Look no futher than TIL. Today I learned that refried beans aren’t fried twice, and that according to North Korean research, China is the happiest nation in the world – followed, of course, by North Korea.

5. The People v OJ Simpson on BBC. Cuba Gooding Jr, John Travolta and David Schwimmer – what’s not to love? After binging on Making a Murderer and Serial’s This American Life, we need some crime in our lives, and this is doing the trick. Look out for: lots of Kardashians. They really do get everywhere…

6. Zoolander 2 is finally here! After they crashed Valentino’s show last year at Paris Fashion Week, we all got pretty excited about the return of our favourite male models. Have you been to see it yet?

7. We’ve also been feeling a bit sorry for Chris Martin, having to share the stage with scene-stealer Queen Bey at the SuperBowl this month. But this meme is too good not to share:


8. One of our lovely threads family, Hilary Walker, released a very swish electronic/soul EP recently, called Returnings. It got into the top 40 of the electronic album chart on iTunes! *fistpump* Have a listen to a preview here or nip over to iTunes to buy it.

9. Then we found out about this person, who should never be allowed to own a phone:Text Myself

10.  And then there was this kid’s food, which is too cute for him to eat.

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