What we loved in November: the inspo round-up

// It's Thursday; time to take a break! Have a look at what we've been watching, listening and reading in the last month...

Written by threads

Over The Rhine and into the sanctuary

// Check out Danny's review of their London gig

Written by Danny Webster

A night at the Village Vanguard

// How a night at New York's most famous jazz bar helped me understand the diversity and unity in the Church.

Written by Stu Bothwell

More to look out for at Greenbelt

// No two people have the same experience. While I’m tapping my toes to the legendary and hilarious Folk On, there’ll...

Written by Claire Jones

5 things to look out for at Greenbelt

// Whatever brings you to Greenbelt, try your best to inhabit the moment and enjoy your surroundings.

Written by Chris Ware

Dylan goes electric

// Fifty years later, here are two life lessons to be learned following the Dylan's decision to go electric.

Written by Stu Bothwell

We need people and people need patience

// Things I learnt while pretending to be an artist {PART THREE}

Written by Amie Aitken

Be OK with being bad at things – for now

// Things I’ve learned while pretending to be an artist {PART TWO}

Written by Amie Aitken

Things I’ve learnt while pretending to be an artist

// {PART ONE} You have to start somewhere, so just start.

Written by Amie Aitken

Good vibrations

// "... frequency, vibration and resonance are all perfectly planned by a perfect creator as part of our creative make up."

Written by Emma Fowle

The Last Supper and simple songs

// Have you ever wondered about the hymn that Jesus and the disciples sang together at the Last Supper?

Written by Jimmy Cooke

Muncle: If there’s a God, then what’s He up to?

// "I’m having lunch with the singer-songwriter Muncle in his trendy Dalston flat. We’ve just played a game of table tennis...

Written by Ed Mayhew

A survivor’s guide to Christmas carols

// Carol services are a great way to evangelise in a non-threatening way and one of the few times non-church attending...

Written by Kemi Bamgbose

Miley, Sinead and attention-seeking open letters

// Does an open letter do more harm than good?

Written by Hannah Mudge

Why the furore over Blurred Lines?

// Last week, five UK universities banned the playing of ‘Blurred Lines’ in campus bars and unions.

Written by Annie Carter

Will my taste in musicals send me to hell?

// I love musicals.

Written by Liz Clutterbuck

Festive cheer

// It’s that time of the year again…the time when we dust off those glad rags that have been sitting in...

Written by Christine Gilland

Sex, drugs and the prodigal son

// "She's up all night for good fun, I'm up all night to get lucky"

Written by Angeline Liles

’90s albums you should own

// A cross-the-board selection of audio classics from the 1990s.

Written by Seb Turner

Sounds for summer

// 10 songs to adorn your summer commute/lunchbreak/evening.

Written by Angeline Liles