Goodbye, merry month of May! How has it been for you?

We here at threads had a busy one, with festivals, team planning meetings, and the introduction of Slack keeping us on our toes. So many gifs.

But you’ll be pleased to know, it’s all for a good cause – so that we can round up the best and brightest of things for you this month, to inspire you, challenge you or just for lolz. Enjoy.


  1. The Inner Fix by Persia Lawson and Joey Bradford – many of you loved Addictive Daughter when they came to speak at our Girl Boss event on International Women’s Day in March, and now their book is out. We’ve already ordered our copy, so get one too, and we can have a book club-type discussion in the comments!
  2. We’ll need a bit of fixing frankly, because every morning, the struggle to get out of bed is real – but it’s nice to know we’re not alone.
  3. Although, the fact that in May we woke up to this picture of dancing bishops certainly gives us hope for humanity.
  4. As does this Instagram account, which features pet grooming in slow-mo, to music. YES.
  5. Ever wondered where Donald Miller went? The Blue Like Jazz author is still writing, but has also, surprisingly, turned marketing guru and life coach – don’t stop reading though! Like any good writer, Donald is obsessed with story and narrative, and he’s brought those insights into his newer ventures, as he helps people find ‘their subplot in His Story’. Nice, hey? Listen to this interview with Donald on rewriting the story of your life.  You won’t be sorry.
  6. How could we not include Chewbacca Mask Lady in this round-up of all things great and good? Featuring the most contagious laugh on the internet.
  7. Yes, we all have a love/hate relationship with clickbait, but nothing beats a longform essay. There are quite a few platforms championing long reads now, but Aeon, a digital magazine devoted to tech, culture and society, is one of the absolute best. Consider for example this brilliant essay on why your brain is not actually like a computer.
  8. Speaking of longform, if you’re after a fascinating – and long! – read on love and relationships, we’ve gone back to the archives of author Kate Bolick, after the recent publication of her first book, Spinster, and discovered this gem of an article: All The Single Ladies. A fascinating read on the relationships and single life for women in the 21st century – old, we know, but we couldn’t not share it with you.
  9. Speaking of things we desperately want to share, have you caught the latest single from James Blake’s new album? Featuring Bon Iver, I Need A Forest Fire is our pick of the best singles out this month, and perfect for sun-drenched spring weekends. And if May doesn’t cooperate, at least you’re listening to new music, right?
  10. We’re going to bookend – sorry – this list with another great read that we discovered this month: Rooted by Banning Liebscher. If you’re struggling with feeling discontent and wondering “what next?”, this book is a great place to start. Banning looks at the life of David to explore the importance of doing the hard work of inner transformation, in order to build the foundations that are necessary for all the other, often more exciting-seeming stuff. This is powerful reading for all those who may be feeling like they’re left behind or in the ‘waiting’ stage of their life, and wondering where God is, in all of it.
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We are a collective of Christians from all walks of life, who are living, working and trying to carve out our identity in our worlds. We know our lives can be broken and dislocated and we also know Jesus is the ultimate fixer. We are humble, because we are not worthy. So we’re not judges, and we don’t do platitudes. Life can be full of knots, but we’re living it to the full.

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