What’s wrong with 2016? Me.

// This article isn’t about blind optimism. This is about looking far enough ahead to see the end of the story.

Written by Andy Flannagan

What we loved in December

// A Christmas round-up to see off 2016.

Written by threads

5 steps to avoiding #awkward Christmas

// Including advice on how to avoid messing up the Christmas carol lyrics.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Crime and Punishment and Christmas

// 150 years on, I remember how too often, I'm Raskolnikov.

Written by Christine Gilland

7 tips for surviving Christmas with the in-laws

// When your new family takes the fun out of Christmas, what can you do?

Written by Anonymous

Why I have an issue with nativity plays

// How paying attention to Advent has stirred my appreciation of Christmas

Written by Thomas McConaghie

5 ways to make this Christmas (more) meaningful

// A Christmas message from our friends at Christians Against Poverty.

Written by Joseph Allison

5 ways to survive your winter commute

// With Christmas feeling like ages ago already, here's our guide to finding a bit of joy in the commuting this winter.

Written by Naomi Grant

Surprised by joy

// In our final week of Advent, we find that sometimes the only way to find light and joy is to engage with the darkness.

Written by Naomi Grant

On the longest night of the year

// For a friend.

Written by Gemma Brown

#MyAdvent – Hannah Robinson

// Does Advent mean more when you become a Christian?

Written by Hannah Robinson

My non-denominational Advent

// What does Advent look like for someone who grew up in a Catholic church?

Written by Brian Walsh

Home is…?

// The incarnation symbolises the divine walking alongside humanity, hand in hand. Being with us, knowing us, healing us, giving to us, being safe and open and now. Immanuel - home.

Written by Gemma Brown

Tales from a former Christmas orphan

// What happens when you find yourself on the other side of the world from your family at Christmas?

Written by Amanda Robinson

Divorce and Danish living

// As part of our Advent series, we are look this week at love, and how to survive Christmas when you feel alone

Written by Ruth Clements

#MyAdvent – Katherine Stephenson

// What's it like to reimagine Christmas? We asked a London church-planter about her first advent in a new church.

Written by Katherine Stephenson

The gift

// How do we find peace amidst the chaos? An Advent reflection.

Written by Emma Fowle

#MyAdvent – Nadine

// In our second post in the #MyAdvent series, we catch up with singer/songwriter Nadine about what Christmas means to her.

Written by threads

Why God wasn’t meant to be just an idea

// The story of an $75million-inheriting 18-year-old who never set foot outside of his penthouse apartment.

Written by Pete Waugh

My hope for today

// The first week of Advent focuses on the theme of hope, so this week, we are too. Today's post examines how to hope when your dreams don't come true.

Written by Joanna Wright