Better debate in uncertain times

// In a world of polarisation, fake news, Brexit and Trump, where do Christians stand in times of increasing uncertainty?

Written by Chris Anderson

Should Christians bother going into politics?

// What Tim Farron's resignation as Lib Dem leader tells us about 21st century faith and politics.

Written by Josh Harris

As we vote

// A prayer for the United Kingdom.

Written by Joanna Callender

How would Jesus vote?

// Another voting season, more questions as to who to vote for.

Written by John Coleby

10 books for your inner activist

// In the lead-up to our event on activism this week, here's a short reading list...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

I have a problem: none of my Facebook friends are Tory

// In the lead-up to the general election, what can our news feeds tell us about the way we vote?

Written by Dan Preston

When the sun and the wind had a fight

// Love is such a remarkably stronger force than power, that it’s a wonder more people don’t choose it.

Written by Andy Tilsley

Listening: our only hope in 2017

// Let's avoid the mistakes of the last year.

Written by Vicky Noble

5 faith-filled ways to engage with politics

// Tips from one of the White House’s youngest ever staffers.

Written by Michael Wear

Looking for a God who agrees with us

// Learning to stop guessing and start listening.

Written by Matt White

The NHS: Britain’s greatest example of God’s grace

// A doctor’s view on how, despite the current crisis, the NHS is an example of Jesus’ upside down example.

Written by Freddie Pimm

Protesting with kindness

// How to move from social media to social action.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

The 80/20 rule

// 80 per cent good and 20 per cent nonsense - sound like anyone you know?

Written by Andy Flannagan

Have we forgotten that God changes nations?

// In the week of the US election, we’re reminded of the importance of believing in a God who can change the world, and the part we can play in that.

Written by Banning Liebscher

The day Donald Trump taught me to dream big

// A light-hearted take on today's election results.

Written by Amaris Cole

Jonah and the terrible other

// Why the washed-up prophet knows more about enemy-love than his armchair critics

Written by David Benjamin Blower

What’s up with Donald Trump?

// How Trump gives us the opportunity to be better men.

Written by Matt White

In praise of opposition

// If politics becomes only about winning, then there's a danger that opposition becomes a loser's game.

Written by Matt White

The great EU divorce

// You may not want the UK to leave, yet there is still opportunity to work for good

Written by Ruth Clements

Mad World and multi-tasking

// Trying to tune into the God song...

Written by Jenni Brews