10 things we learnt from the EU referendum campaign

// After a weekend of analysis and fear, let's take stock...

Written by Danny Webster

A prayer for peace

// A prayer for our world, for voters and politicians, in 2016.

Written by threads

Smear tests and sisterhood

// The church in Burundi is embracing the fact that women's lives are worth saving

Written by Sarah Rowe

The day I met ‘the refugee crisis’

// And she has perfectly painted nails

Written by Sarah Stone

I want every passport

// People are infinitely more than the labels we give them

Written by Hannah Henderson

London is my dream

// It's World Refugee Day 2016, and Sarah Stone reflects on a trip to Calais

Written by Sarah Stone

The day the religious right got Trumped

// What the events of Tuesday night mean for Christian voters

Written by Danny Webster

The EU referendum: remain or leave?

// We commissioned two writers, one who's voting to stay and one who's not as sure.

Written by threads

Why I may vote ‘Brexit’

// We commissioned two articles to spark some conversation around faith, us and the European Union.

Written by Madeleine Davies

Why I’m voting to ‘remain’

// We commissioned two articles to spark some conversation around faith, us and the European Union.

Written by Tim Wyatt

What we can learn from Beni Johnson’s support for Donald Trump?

// Using the Bethel pastor's eight reasons for her support for Trump to reconsider our own politics and how we decide where to place our vote.

Written by David Barclay

Notes from a first-time voter

// On the eve of the London Mayoral Church Hustings, we ask a first-time voter to share her story...

Written by Gemma Klopper

Hope refound

// We often pray for our own desires to be fulfilled, but what about those of Syria?

Written by Amy Merone

Confessions of a ‘leftie’ married to a ‘rightie’

// What happens when the one you love, loves David Cameron?

Written by Becky Miles

Putting politics in its place

// Moving beyond issues and ideologies, what does the Bible have to say about Christians in society?

Written by James Lee

So you’ve voted, now what?

// Political engagement isn't just for election time.

Written by Ruth Clements

The H word

// How fear of being labelled a hater is affecting expression of, and difference of opinion.

Written by Annie Carter

Loving your enemies – even political ones

// Loving your neighbour as yourself includes those with views you disagree with.

Written by Hannah Rich

#GE2015: the post-match report

// 9 reflections.

Written by David Binder

Playing nice in politics

// Friday's speeches by party leaders were full of humour, humility and genuine respect. Why shouldn't we expect more of that...

Written by Emma Fowle