Almighty God,

Lord, we need your wisdom.

Grant to us understanding and clarity so that we see the issues clearly.

Lord, we realise that the decision we make is not just for ourselves, but for generations to come so we ask that you will give us time to reflect, to weigh up all the information and to seek your guidance.

Lord, help us to treat one another with respect, to seek peace and to listen to one another. Help us to treat people with grace and dignity that you may be honoured in what we say and how we say it.

Lord, after a decision is made grant us to accept it and to move forward together with unity of purpose, seeking the best for every citizen.

Lord, help us to be a people who live in peace and forgiveness, seeking to be a blessing to others, pointing always to the love that flows from you alone.

Lord, you have seen kingdoms, empires and governments rise and fall. Not one will last as long as your everlasting kingdom. May that be where we find our utmost hope.

In Jesus’ name,



This prayer is based on one written for the Evangelical Alliance. See the original here.

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We are a collective of Christians from all walks of life, who are living, working and trying to carve out our identity in our worlds. We know our lives can be broken and dislocated and we also know Jesus is the ultimate fixer. We are humble, because we are not worthy. So we’re not judges, and we don’t do platitudes. Life can be full of knots, but we’re living it to the full.

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