Making Jesus Known

// Playing our part in the Great Commission.

Written by Eve Balshaw

A time to pray

// What would happen if we started seeing every piece of news as an opportunity for prayer? Part Five in our series curated by Open Doors.

Written by Mike Walker

Lessons I’m learning about prayer

// It was 2.30 in the morning and there I was: needing to pray aloud with my friend in her time of need. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, the words just didn’t come out.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

A naked prayer from a restless heart

// Teach me, Holy Spirit, to move forward amidst my tension.

Written by Mara Measor

As we vote

// A prayer for the United Kingdom.

Written by Joanna Callender

My prayer life; the missing puzzle piece

// What a pilgrimage to Paris for climate change taught me about prayer

Written by Jade Ashley Till

Painting and prayer

// Spiritual lessons learned with a paintbrush and a can of Cloud Whisper

Written by Jenni Brews

What to pray when the words won’t come out

// Earlier this year, Tash Creaney from 24/7 Prayer and Emmanuel Church in Lurgan went to Malawi to visit some Tearfund projects in Malawi. Here, she reflects on her trip.

Written by Tash Creaney

A prayer for peace

// A prayer for our world, for voters and politicians, in 2016.

Written by threads

Rhythms for connecting with God

// Soul cycling? Here's how to start the day right

Written by Hannah Fytche

Let’s not bother praying for Brussels

// Thoughts on tragedy and Easter

Written by Andy Tilsley

The Muamba effect

// On the fourth anniversary of #Pray4Muamba, what have we learned?

Written by Sam Lomas

Running through the wall

// I've never been a runner. In fact, I'm fairly sure I'm allergic to treadmills.

Written by Daniel Jones

A rebellious declaration

// Reflections on the inaugural Pursuit gathering

Written by Rob Peabody

We must #PrayForParis, but what about IS?

// What the Vicar of Baghdad can teach us in light of the recent atrocities in Paris

Written by Amaris Cole

3 people we don’t pray for

// Ahead of National Prayer Weekend, we look at the people we're least likely to pray for

Written by Emily Owen

Evangelism and arrogance

// "Those who aren't believers might be blindly hurtling towards destruction, but actually, they’re pretty happy."

Written by Haydon Spenceley

The most painful calling

// Faith is demanding ... even after 12 years or more, faith will not allow us to stop believing that God...

Written by Claire Jones

Should I stay or should I go?

// "Choose your battles wisely," goes the proverb.

Written by Steve Edwards

Loving your enemies – even political ones

// Loving your neighbour as yourself includes those with views you disagree with.

Written by Hannah Rich