Why I find prayer perturbing

// I like to think of myself as a fairly logical person...

Written by Tim Wyatt

Earplugs & radiation: what’s the point of prayer?

// "I don’t have faith that God will grant each one of my requests."

Written by Jonty Langley

A year in God’s time

// Life in a community of prayer.

Written by Oliver Maitri

What if God took us at our word?

// Suddenly, my off-hand “use me” and “teach me to trust you and you alone” prayers, become actual possibilities.

Written by Nell Goddard

The perils of hope

// "Being hopeful is risky. But it’s a risk we should take."

Written by Phil Green

When prayer doesn’t work

// "You heard it here first, ladies and gents: threads Writer Says Prayer 'A Sham'."

Written by Jennie Pollock

Why should we mark International Day of Prayer

// "Persecution may not feel real to me. But it is real for too many."

Written by Jay Niblett

Secret church

// As an 8-year-old I avidly read some classic Christian comics.

Written by Emma Worrall

The persecuted Church is the one you’re in

// Our first in a miniseries on the upcoming IDOP (International Day of Prayer)

Written by Alexandra Davis

Islamic rites and legalistic wrongs

// Perhaps we’ll discover that there’s liberty in the liturgy.

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Prayer: My dirty little secret

// God seems to choose, every day, not to answer prayers.

Written by Jonty Langley

Don’t forget to remember

// Ever since a girl in my class at school was on The Big Breakfast I have been a big Chris...

Written by James Silley

Let’s get religious

// My dad always said grace before a meal, whether it was a snack or a multi-course dinner. It didn't matter...

Written by Peter Banks

What’s the point in prayer?

// I pray quite often. But I have to admit, I probably spend more time wondering why I bother.

Written by Sarah Rowe

Licence to spill

// Sarah-Jane Marshall muses over the special treatment given to overseas workers.

Written by threads