Father, I’ve been restless.

I’ve been giving into the temptation of looking at others — those who have the things I want. I’ve been looking at them instead of finding rest and satisfaction in you.

I’ve been yearning for more success, more recognition, more opportunities, more money, more, more, more… Though I know none of those things will satisfy my soul.

Those things that have been making my heart ache won’t set me free.

I don’t want them, Lord. I don’t want to want them. I don’t want to think that they could be the foundation of my joy. My foundation is Christ in me, the hope of glory. I in Him and Him in me. That is my joy. That is my identity.

Father You know me because You made me. You knit me together in my mother’s womb. You know these longings and desires. Is there something in them that is good? Will you mould my heart? Will you take my desires, shape them, and use them for Your glory?

I lay my desires at your feet. Lord

Teach me, Holy Spirit, to move forward amidst my tension.

Written by Mara Measor // Mara's  Website

Mara Measor is a British-Chinese singer, songwriter and actor from Hong Kong, now almost settled in New York. In her Naked Prayers project, Mara adapts an ancient tradition through words, doodles and songs, in hopes of offering a fresh and individualized approach to prayer that speaks to a new generation seeking authentic faith.

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