Luminous Dark

// When you follow God in wholehearted obedience, and suddenly your entire world falls apart; when your deepest, most urgent prayers are met with silence – can faith survive?

Written by Alain Emerson

An eye full of light

// When it comes to our view of God, do we really see Him as a good Father?

Written by Christine Gilland

The sheer stupidity of porn

// Three biblical examples of sheer stupidity and a Spirit-led thought above it.

Written by Nick Franks

Hopeful, faith-filled doubting

// A deeply honest post for a new series on 'a day that changed my life'.

Written by Cat Gale

My yoke is easy, my burden is light

// A Monday-morning reflection.

Written by Jenni Brews

The life and times of a lunar Christian

// My soul has its seasons: it waxes and wanes, and that's ok.

Written by Jared Ruttenberg

Have we forgotten that God changes nations?

// In the week of the US election, we’re reminded of the importance of believing in a God who can change the world, and the part we can play in that.

Written by Banning Liebscher

I get by with a little help from my friends

// How community causes hope to rise, despite the worst of sufferings. The latest in our mini series on modern-day slavery.

Written by Lucy Steels

The one in front of you

// What does it really mean to love your neighbour? Another post in our series on modern slavery.

Written by Christine Gilland

The ink is hope

// Stories of modern-day slavery. Part of our mini series for Anti-Slavery Day.

Written by Naomi Telfer

How I’m learning to leave my comfort zone

// As part of our new series on risk, Amanda asks what happens when the greatest risk is trust?

Written by Amanda Robinson

To have loved and lost

// A Christian's experience of miscarriage.

Written by Anna Thayer

A call to hope

// Evangelism that shares and awakens

Written by Christine Woolgar

5 life lessons from a five-year-old

// Learning big things from small people.

Written by Laura Campbell

Home is … the kitchen floor

// The rage, the anger, the tears, the giggling, the pain, the joy... and how God knitted it all together on my kitchen tiles.

Written by Nell Goddard

Beyoncé’s Psalms: the theology of Lemonade

// The raw, brutal honesty and Psalm-like quality of Lemonade shows us that even Queen Bey hasn’t got it all figured out.

Written by Chine McDonald

It doesn’t always feel like Springtime with God

// How the lyrics of a worship song are nice to sing but sometimes untrue.

Written by Emily Sturgess

Admitting loneliness

// My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together - Bishop Desmond Tutu

Written by Tim Bechervaise

A heart in pieces

// Reflections on brokenness while listening to Amanda Cook...

Written by Joanna Wright

Looking for faith, not certainty

// When clarity fails, we fall on trust.

Written by Jared Ruttenberg