An eye full of light

// When it comes to our view of God, do we really see Him as a good Father?

Written by Christine Gilland

2016 was tough for me, but God is doing a new thing

// God isn't only kind when things are going well.

Written by Amanda Robinson

My challenges with mental health

// Everyone goes through dark days, but it’s how we see through these moments that make us stronger. A post for World Health Day.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

Go to church? Why can’t I just listen to a podcast?

// Ok, here's why - and no, I’m not anti-technology. I’m just pro-community.

Written by Andy Tilsley

Our loss of identity: how our culture is lying to us all

// After Black Friday, we consider whether living ethically is just for hippies and annoying do-gooders.

Written by Anya Briggs

Grace: counter-culturalism in action

// The grace we read about, or know in our heads, pales beside grace in action.

Written by Mike Harvey

Unashamed: a campaign against sexual violence

// How can we work with others to overcome evil with good?

Written by Hannah Mitchell

Where were you God, when I needed you?

// For better or worse, few things last forever. I learned that the hard way.

Written by Gemma Pask

Is Christianity too middle class?

// We're squeamish about discussing class and church, but it needs to be talked about.

Written by Hannah Mudge

Hashtag blessed

// The new beatitudes

Written by Lucy Olofinjana

The groaning God

// Why failure doesn't have to be avoided – even for athletes.

Written by Andy Tilsley

An interview with Kaká

// To kick off this week's series on sport, our pals at Cross the Line shared a few moments from one of their most high-profile interviews...

Written by Ollie Baines & Liam Flint

The Bible is a story of risk-taking

// One of the riskiest things we can do is become a Christian.

Written by Cris Rogers

Rooted: The hidden places where God develops you

// Banning Liebscher on waiting, growth and building good foundations...

Written by Banning Liebscher

Rhythms for connecting with God

// Soul cycling? Here's how to start the day right

Written by Hannah Fytche

My prayer to tired souls

// I often return to the end of myself at the moment, feeling like I’ve run out of energy, run out of faith. But God comes to me, giving “strength for today and hope for tomorrow”.

Written by Amy Turner

He knows you

// He knows every detail and nanosecond of your existence - every atom, molecule, skin cell, and ligament.

Written by Sheridan Voysey

The randomness of God

// "I want for myself a consistent and predictable God."

Written by Emily Sturgess

Our genderless God

// ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. She makes me lie down in green pastures; She...

Written by Claire Jones

Time to look back

// I believe that in looking back we’re able to look forward, too.

Written by Liz Clutterbuck