The crime girls don’t report

// A recent poll claims that 50 per cent of women think rape victims are to blame for their attack.

Written by Anonymous

Confession of a Church Leader: I don’t really get God… and I’m Glad

// Every doubt I've ever had about God has ultimately led me to a firmer faith in him.

Written by Luke Briggs

Yes, the protesters in Brazil deserve their say, but…

// "The protests matter because of the way Brazil is perceived to have gone about things. But the celebration of sporting...

Written by Richard Woodall

God: The Awkward Silence

// "Being a Christian is not about waiting for that next time we ‘get’ God and see his bigger plan. Yes,...

Written by Anya Briggs

What I’ve learnt from persecuted Christians

// "These tiny glimpses of the experience of Christians under pressure because of their faith have shown me what it means...

Written by Alexandra Davis

Shouting over the music

// "There are always a few party poopers. They’re invited, of course, but they don’t seem to be having fun. What’s...

Written by Vicky Walker

Why I believe the Bible is God’s word

// "Reading the Bible as a community does much more than teach us how to disagree, it helps us share learning...

Written by Katharine Welby-Roberts

A better way: Durham – speakers wanted

// "We’re not sure where the answers will take us. But we’re certain that we’ll all be on that journey together."

Written by threads

4 things I’ve learnt about being unemployed

// "Unemployment helps develop a thick skin. After my first job rejection I stayed in pyjamas all day and cried down...

Written by Joanna Leighton

Cynical sarcasm? Put a sock in it

// "Debate is one thing, cynicism is another. It often seems that anything new and fresh gets slaughtered on Twitter."

Written by Carl Beech

Slacktivism: Does it work?

// "The connectivity of the internet has a power: it can build and sustain communities, it can raise awareness of issues...

Written by Hannah Swithinbank

On being a not-so-safe parent

// "I know that ultimately, my son belongs to God, and God’s vision is bigger than just what I or my...

Written by Anna Moyle

Setting the Barlow: what charity really looks like

// "All of us live in a state of responsibility, whether we want to admit it or not – we are...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Why I choose not to wear make-up

// "I choose not to wear make-up, not because I love the way I look but because I decided a while...

Written by Christina Pope

Tolerance – the lowest common denominator

// "Tolerance - it’s a catchall term that frequently comes to the aid of politicians, automatically distinguishing its user from those...

Written by Lucinda Borkett-Jones

Calvary: An insight into the very worst humans can offer

// "The audience, like the priest in the confessional, is forced to endure an insight into the very worst that humans...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Wanderings of a theology graduate

// "How have we become so unattractive? Where is the joy and hope found in your gospel, your resurrection? If it’s...

Written by Kit Powney

Redeeming Culture in a Digital Age

// "I’m a passionate believer that we need to be ‘incarnational’ in the digital spaces, whether those are specifically ‘Christian’ spaces...

Written by Bex Lewis

The internet is full of real people too

// "A screen can let you think that you’re not doing something all that bad, because there’s not another human being...

Written by Joel Leakey

Doing life well

// "I’ve started the process of trying to audit my week. It involves accounting for each hour of a day in...

Written by James Watts