Abigail: the woman who faced 400 men

// Learning from one of the Bible's most insightful examples of female leadership.

Written by Claire Rush

The boldness of Mary

// If God asked me to give up my physical comfort, would I agree? Further lessons from the genealogy of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

Pretty hurts

// I want my daughters to grow up in a world where human lives are valued as equal.

Written by Lucy Steels

Ruth: lessons in disappointment

// There is, in all the stories of the women of Jesus’ genealogy, the story of the wait.

Written by Ruth Clements

Dear Pinterest: I’ll be mediocre if I want to be, thanks

// In the lead-up to International Women's Day, I'm declaring war on Pinterest quotes.

Written by Christine Gilland

The five women who made me

// In time for International Women's Day, here's a shout-out to some truly inspiring women.

Written by Amaris Cole

Wife of Uriah, ancestor of Jesus

// A continuation of our series on the female ancestors of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

4 reasons why I won’t be seeing Fifty Shades Darker

// The film is released tomorrow - but I'll be giving it a miss. Here's why.

Written by Annie Carter

Why all men must stand against sexual violence

// (while also not jumping to the conclusion that masculinity is inherently bad).

Written by Paul Childs

Jesus had a radical love for women

// Jesus’ life must convict every one of us to challenge violence against women.

Written by Miriam Brittenden

Unashamed: a campaign against sexual violence

// How can we work with others to overcome evil with good?

Written by Hannah Mitchell

Why I’m fighting human trafficking

// Wherever you are reading this from, you’re probably not too far away from a slave.

Written by Naomi Telfer

I started something, and I finished it

// Together, we learnt that there is dignity in meaningful work. Beyond currency, there is self-respect. A post for Anti-Slavery Day on 18 October.

Written by Suzie King

When a girl can be herself

// We all get to a point in our lives (especially girls) where we try to be perfect.

Written by Ella Dickinson

Why I listen to The Archers – despite promising myself I wouldn’t

// It's what's not been said that matters during the trial that's hooked the nation, and there's a lot we can learn from that - whatever our age.

Written by Ruth Clements

Both in God’s image

// Why the Church must help stop sexual violence against women

Written by Elisa Pike

Is Kim Kardashian patriarchy’s favourite woman?

// Why being #liberated doesn't seem quite all it's made out to be...

Written by Claire Rush

Why I believe in women’s ministry

// Minus the manicures and knitting

Written by Charlotte Hendy

Dare to be doubly different

// 80 per cent of those with disabilities live in developing countries and most cannot afford the necessary rehabilitation and health services that they need.

Written by Ruth Clemence

Why the church needs to pledge for parity

// What would it look like for IWD's five pledges to be put into action in the Church?

Written by Hannah Mudge