Encouragement vs envy

// Why #pledgeforparity is actually a call to stop with the comparison

Written by Ruth Clements

Freeing Kesha

// Why this story is so much more than a hashtag

Written by Natalie Collins

What makes a better man?

// After 30 days of attempting to become a better man, did it work?

Written by Thomas McConaghie

I don’t care if you’re a feminist

// Don't expect delighted surprise when you announce that you are a feminist... Prove it.

Written by Jody Stowell

We’re all activists here

// Women have always been in the business of quietly following the dangerous, table-turning ways of Jesus.

Written by Naomi Williams

Dorothea: the extraordinary woman

// As an aspiring writer, I am constantly looking to the voices of other female writers for wisdom and guidance -...

Written by Vicky Noble

Why I don’t want an International Women’s Day

// The final part of our series on International Women's Day 2015

Written by Claire Rush

They gave me a box

// A reflection on life as a woman in church.

Written by Kate Wallace

Women need to talk, men need to ejaculate?

// "We have a God who made women and men with the capacity to experience beautiful, creative, mind-blowing sex.  But that...

Written by Natalie Collins

Ambition: no girls allowed?

// "Ambition is not a game that girls are supposed to play and more often than not we feel a pressure...

Written by Chine McDonald

I am a woman and I am a leader

// “I want every little girl who is told she is bossy to be told she has leadership skills.” Sheryl Sandberg.

Written by Charlotte Hendy

Islamic state: the desire for something more

// I can completely understand why a schoolgirl would want to join Islamic State.

Written by Beth Fuller

Hail Mary

// 8 exceptional Marys. There's something about that name.

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Leave a beauty legacy

// Do we not think we were made in His image? Then why are we hating on our laughter lines and...

Written by Amaris Cole

Notes on a women’s conference

// Women I don’t know are staring into my eyes, saying things like: “You’re an amazing woman of God”.

Written by threads

A better way for women

// You know those children you meet who never stop asking questions?

Written by Nell Goddard

Why there’s no such thing as “real” womanhood

// If you are a man, you are a real man. If you are a woman, you are a real woman.

Written by Sarah Bessey

Women bishops: better together?

// I began to write this minutes after the vote in support of the ministry of women bishops was passed in...

Written by Haydon Spenceley

Why I choose not to wear make-up

// "I choose not to wear make-up, not because I love the way I look but because I decided a while...

Written by Christina Pope

UK: the most sexist country in the world?

// What Rashida Manjoo didn't say...

Written by Hannah Mudge