Why our world needs us to be leaders

// At the Evangelical Alliance, we believe that leadership is not an elite pursuit; it is something that is needed at every level, and in every community, workplace, city and village.

Written by Abi Jarvis

My year with Evangelical Alliance

// Here's some areas of EA's work that I've loved connecting with this year.

Written by Lauren Agnew

What’s your calling in life?

// How to answer that terrifying question...

Written by Gemma Brown

Abigail: the woman who faced 400 men

// Learning from one of the Bible's most insightful examples of female leadership.

Written by Claire Rush

Running on empty: lessons from an Icelandic geyser

// Sometimes, the most courageous thing that God is calling us to do is to stop and be still.

Written by Claire Rush

The Billy Graham rule: integrity or patriarchy?

// This rule has been in the headlines in 2017, but is it helpful?

Written by Charlotte Hendy


// You don’t have to be troubled or anxious or upset because He’s got your back, He really has.

Written by Karl Martin

3 life-changing leadership lessons

// I've spent the last 14 years in a leadership role - here's what I've learned.

Written by Tim Magowan

Why our church threw out our mission statement

// So millennials are sick of mission statements? Here’s why our church doesn’t have one...

Written by Jenny Bridgman

Is the way we do leadership training actually hindering growth?

// The current system isn't open to women - can Jesus model a better way?

Written by Benedict Atkins

If you need to talk, I’ll listen

// Mental illness is rampant in our society, and we need to talk about it.

Written by Dave Magill

I’m a millennial in church leadership – but no one’s listening to me

// Why the Church needs to start adapting – and how to start.

Written by Simon Wilce

Don’t hold out for a hero

// Perhaps it’s you God is calling.

Written by Jenny Bridgman

In praise of opposition

// If politics becomes only about winning, then there's a danger that opposition becomes a loser's game.

Written by Matt White

The Bible is a story of risk-taking

// One of the riskiest things we can do is become a Christian.

Written by Cris Rogers

Rooted: The hidden places where God develops you

// Banning Liebscher on waiting, growth and building good foundations...

Written by Banning Liebscher

Both in God’s image

// Why the Church must help stop sexual violence against women

Written by Elisa Pike

Public Leadership: My holy discontent

// CONVICTION · Why I do what I do.

Written by Claire Rush

Public leadership: No man is an island

// COMMUNITY · Who are we doing our leadership with, and how can other people support us?

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

The problem with being pro-something

// Being 'anti-something' is easy.

Written by Cameron Stewart