1. Phil Wickham, Singalong 2

Raw, honest and inspiring, Phil Wickham is back with Singalong 2. I’ve pretty much had it on repeat for the last week – a must listen.

2. The 37 best iPhone apps

Lifehacker have just published their annual list of best apps, worth checking out if you have an iPhone

3. The Busy Trap 

“It’s not as if any of us wants to live like this; it’s something we collectively force one another to do.”

 4. VietnamTheMovie interview 

Christian Illustrator and artist VietnamTheMovie talks about his influences, inspiration and the use of art in evangelism.

5. Where good ideas come from 

How do we come up with creative ideas? Check out this whiteboard animation that provides some answers…

Written by Dan Preston // Follow Dan on  Twitter //  Bramber Bakehouse

Dan lives on the sunny shores of Eastbourne. When he’s not Instagramming pictures of his cat he works for Spring Harvest, helps run Bramber Bakehouse and assists new charities and businesses with strategy, marketing and fundraising.

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