Why aren’t millennials reading the Bible?

// To kick off our week-long series celebrating the NIV's 50th anniversary, guest curator, Becky Miles suggests three reasons for the low levels of engagement with scripture.

Written by Becky Miles

Sorry, I’m busy.

// Why we need to stop the glorification of busy

Written by Yasmin Levy-Miller

You are what you do?

// "Perhaps it is time to stop and ask ‘what drives me?"

Written by Hilary Walker

Take a deep breath

// "Suddenly I gained a fresh perspective on my stresses and petty sulking and I finally relaxed. Believing those words brought...

Written by Alasdair Lindop

Disorganised? It’s a Biblical trait.

// "Jesus' time management involved finding time to talk to apparently insignificant people in crowds whilst on his way to heal...

Written by Claire Paye

Busyness: the Ferrari of the Christian world

// What do Ferraris, Jimmy Choos and facelifts have in common?

Written by Anya Briggs

Stop, collaborate and listen

// What is it about the constant doing that I find so appealing and the call to be still that I...

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Be still

// Time takes you by surprise, when you want it to stay it flees with indecent haste. And when we long...

Written by Danny Webster

The busyness conundrum

// I remember a simpler time, when I didn't have to pay someone to slap me for being unproductive in order...

Written by Dan Preston

Singalongs, busy traps and iPhone apps

// Dan Preston provides us with his picks of the week...

Written by Dan Preston