The “what next?” question

// Yes, we know what you're about to ask...

Written by Yasmin Levy-Miller

The importance of dreaming

// What can we do to see our dreams become reality?

Written by Sam Moore

We have to talk about our future

// Acceptance and welcome aren’t real if they depend on one fitting into a culture-shaped box.

Written by Dave Magill

What’s my dream?

// Having the liberty to dream, allowing ourselves the freedom to dare to dream and discover the things that make our...

Written by Pete Waugh

I church therefore I am

// “Somehow, somewhere along the way being a Christian has become synonymous with going to church.”

Written by Vicky Walker

Should Christians watch Game of Thrones?

// What is now considered normal was once abnormal.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Robotic love

// "Will we invent a plug-and-play Jesus? A 3D projection of a bearded white guy spouting the whole of the Bible...

Written by Alexandra Khan

Dreaming with God

// God-given dreams that burn in your heart indicate the path that God has laid out for you to explore.

Written by James Watts

Are we just here for a better life?

// I've moaned at God about the fact that other people’s daily bread comes from Waitrose.

Written by Emily Bowerman

It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

// The world didn’t end on 21 December 2012, but it seems many of us love a good apocalypse, whether an...

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

Can life be like an episode of Friends?

// All I want is to be part of the gang

Written by Matt White

The humans are dead (the end of history and our last stand)

// Now you, being an informed kind of person, may think that superhitech singing Kiwi robots with killer dance moves and...

Written by Jonty Langley

The future edition

// threads bring you our first online edition including Jonty Langley on why the future isn't set in stone, Paul Kerensa...

Written by threads

Your history is someone else’s future

// The question is not so much will you make history? The real question is: what kind of history will you...

Written by Matt Summerfield

Decisions, decisions – facing your future

// Wouldn’t it be great to have specific and unmistakable guidance from God, especially for the big questions? Am I in...

Written by Krish Kandiah

Pink wigs, theatrical hats and gold bikinis

// From The Hunger Games to Star Trek, sci-fi's love affair with outlandish fashion.

Written by Jenny Hulme

Imagining a brave new world

// Five new pieces of flash fiction on the theme of 'The Future' written exclusively for threads.

Written by threads

When I’m 64

// Where will you be in 40-years time?

Written by threads

Dear David…

// Hopefully reading this short note will give you some amusement, comfort or even some perspective on how you've changed (for...

Written by David Akinluyi

Dear Hollin…

// I hope that when you’re reading this you are content with what you have been blessed with.

Written by Hollin Cross