My name is Pete Waugh and my dream is to use words and stories to stir the hearts of all who read my books.

A few years ago I stood below the balcony where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. On a balmy, humid Memphis morning I took a moment to remind myself of the words of his famous dreams speech.

For the remainder of the day I was captivated by the question: “what is my dream?”

It was so significant because it was one of the first times I’d asked myself that question. Having the liberty to dream, allowing ourselves the freedom to dare to dream and discover the things that make our hearts come alive is to grant ourselves permission to change our lives – and the lives of those we impact.

Because of that day I discovered a number of dreams were on my heart.

As a writer, my dream is to use words to stir the hearts of all who read my literature.

I want to write books that will evoke people to helpless laughter, provide them with moments to ponder and to push them to love and live better lives. When someone finishes one of my books, they will have read words that have nourished them and helped them see through their circumstances to a place where their dreams can become a reality.

As a storyteller, my dream is to write stories that inspire others to live out their best story. My dream is to write stories that expand the imagination, that challenge the now and reflect the wildest dream that lives within me. A dream to live with confidence from the moment I rise to the moment I get back into bed by communicating stories that have been placed on my heart.

As a husband and a homemaker, my dream is to live my life through simple acts of everyday-ness and to make my home an exciting and welcoming place for all who encounter it.

As a citizen of Northern Ireland, my dream is to help others release their dreams. My dream is to see the nation become a welcoming, loving, transformed place. I come alive when I see others discover and unleash the dreams they carry. Whenever I see musicians, activists, families, entrepreneurs and countless others begin to walk into their dreams, I want to do a little dance and, as a writer, use a whole pile of encouraging, sometimes-made-up adjectives to celebrate with them.

A society that places a high value and importance on dreaming and turning its citizens’ dreams into reality will become a nation filled with life, love, vitality and people who will change the world and the worlds they inhabit.

My rule of life is to exist to pick up the things that bring true joy and my dream is that you would do the same.

Taken from a film made for the My Dream Is campaign. Watch the video here.

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Pete Waugh is a writer and youth worker from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is married to Kerry, his partner in dreaming and scheming! Pete loves to use words to evoke, unlock and stretch the imagination. His debut novel Half Irish is available on Kindle and on his website. When he isn’t writing Pete loves to exercise - usually surfing, golf and of late he is learning a lot about cycling!

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