I hope many of the dreams and ambitions you hold have in some form come into fruition. I hope you are continuing in your faith and are open to the changing face of the Church.

I would like to think you have made a great impact on many children you have come into contact with during your career in education. I hope you have fully committed to the number of roles you have played within that sector, but I hope you have managed the work/life balance. I really want to know that you have made a great lasting impression of the Church within your work place, that people really see Jesus through both your professional capabilities and that you genuinely love, in every sense of the word, the people you work with.

I would like to think you’re married with a family! I hope your children love Jesus and love his people. I would like your marriage to be strong, showing a great example to others and one where you are a great support to each other. I would like the home you build with your husband to be open for anyone to walk into and be immediately welcomed.  I would like you to have a close-knit family and have no family tensions, for your home to be a place of peace and calm for the rest of your extended family.

I would love you to see a HUGE change in the statistics of human trafficking and I hope that somehow you have played your part to make in making that happen. I hope you are still committed to the cause and won’t rest until it is completed.  I pray you’ve continued to let God break your heart for the women, men and children who are caught up in this crime.

Lastly, I pray you are still loving God, attempting to follow Him throughout your life with some great stories to encourage others.


Hollin, aged 24

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Written by Hollin Cross // Follow Hollin on  Twitter

Hollin is 24 and lives by the seaside but is originally from Essex. She's passionate about people, ending human trafficking, education and sweets. Currently she's training as secondary school teacher.

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