I hope you’ve remembered that maturity is doing the right thing at the right time. It should never be an act or overplayed when not necessary. This gives you all the freedom you need to go out right now and get some trainers with retractable skate wheels in them. I have failed to find any in our size anywhere but I believe science will have advanced enough for you to make this dream come true.

I hope you’ve not tried to change people – that you’ve shown them a better way and that you keep finding better ways for yourself too! I hope you’ve looked for anyone who can show more to you. Except Spurs fans (still no trophies?). They cannot help you…or themselves.

I hope you’ve loved and served all of your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters in Christ better than I have up till now. I know it won’t always/ever be an easy thing to do but maybe you understand God’s grace more than I do now, and that has made all the difference.

I hope you’ve never assumed that ‘someone else will do it’.

I’d like to think you’ve been respectful and always fulfilled your responsibilities. I am sincerely (and self-servingly) hoping you have a growing, loving and God-fearing family! So, I’m going to give you some advice that I have no right to give at this point. I hope you’ve remembered that your day starts when you wake up and again when you get home – and that you’ve put all you have into that time. I’m fully expecting you remember what your dad and mum taught you – obey and be truthful to your parents. I suspect it’s good to instil that from day one – just think how many times this saved you in the past!

I’ve been reading about Nebuchadnezzar: If I’ve caused you serious problems I’m sorry – it really is your fault though! Seriously though, be humble because of Jesus.

I hope you’ve never stopped reading Psalm 1 and Hebrews 11 – if you have, start again right now!

Finally: by now you should be an unbelievable dancer – your moves have no doubt matured to near perfection – display them on a regular basis…always in a Cosby sweater…


Your younger self

David, aged 28

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Written by David Akinluyi

David is the director of data mining company np2ltd and np2apps which produces mobile apps for businesses. He is a member of ChristChurch London and is captain of Nigeria's rugby 7s and 15s.

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