I have just graduated and have spent the last few months realising that no-one’s going to tell me what to do with my life anymore. No more lectures, essays or exams to wrestle with. As I’ve embarked on being a real person, numerous people have encouraged me to follow my dreams and make them happen. But recently I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t know how to; I don’t know how to channel this passion inside me to see my dreams come to life.

I want to make comedy. Whether that’s writing, producing or stand-up, I don’t really mind. I just want to make people laugh and reveal Jesus as I do it. When I chat to my friends about their own awe-inspiring dreams, their tone often changes to frustration or apathy. They’re in a good job that pays the bills, but it’s not what they really want to do. It’s almost easier for them to keep their dreams safe and untouched in their soul – but that was never meant to be their home.

When God gives us dreams, He gives them to us so that they will be fulfilled. That is the point and objective of a God-given dream – to come to life. Unlike our dreams when we’re asleep, which can be a distorted reality, God-given dreams that burn in your heart indicate the path that God has laid out for you to explore. God wants our dreams to come true more than we do, and He believes that we’re capable of bringing them to fulfilment.

So how do we get there? I’ve learnt that it’s a partnership with God where you both fulfil your end of the deal. You need to be faithful in the small things, doing everything in your control to make your dreams happen – and trust that God is doing the same. For me, that looks like improving and sharpening my writing ability, and getting involved in the comedy circuit. I’ve just accepted a job as a writer – and while it’s not working with Ricky Gervais to write the next The Office, I feel it’s right. I’m going to acquire certain skills that will be important later down the line, and if at times I get bored, I’ll remind myself that this is part of a worthwhile journey. I need to put my all into this job, knowing that it will prepare me for what I was created to do.

Waiting is not meant to be a negative, passive thing; it’s eagerly watching for what door is opening and what part God is playing as you accomplish your dreams together. In the meantime, don’t resent or become disillusioned with what God’s asking you to do. God visited both Moses and David as they were faithfully doing their normal job (tending animals), and from there brought them into something new. Just because you’re not currently in your dream job doesn’t automatically mean that you’ve taken the wrong step or have disobeyed God.

If you’re in a job that isn’t exactly your dream – or even a stepping stone towards your dreams – what are you doing to bring your dreams to life? Are you being disciplined in committing a portion of time every week to invest in them and see them come to reality? Whether that’s writing, taking acting lessons or volunteering somewhere, it’s of vital importance.

I’m also learning how important it is to daily put my dreams in God’s hands. Whether I feel like my dreams are flourishing or non-existent, I have to trust that God is working all things together for my good. Regularly ask God to confirm that you’re in the right place, doing the right thing. In addition, entrust your dreams to a few friends. Accountability often has negative connotations, but it’s not meant to be sin management; on the contrary, accountability is greatness management. Have your friends hold you accountable to pursuing your dreams with every fibre of your being, so that you reach the heights of greatness that you’re meant to.

In short, keep seeking God and keep being faithful. Never lose sight of your dreams and keep pushing at doors until one opens. And then run through it as fast as you can.

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Written by James Watts // Follow James on  Twitter

James has just graduated and is trying to work out how to be a proper, grown-up human being who now has to pay council tax. Originally a southerner, he currently lives in Manchester but prides himself on still speaking properly. He spends most of his free time writing and laughing, and is passionate about seeing wholesome, Godly comedy break out in the world of television and stand up comedy.

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