When magic interrupts the ordinary

// I'm not a fan on Narnia, but I've been introduced to magical realism.

Written by Becca Dean

The best of Britney

// Double denim, lip syncing and wearing a snake as a necklace. It can only mean one thing: Britney is back.

Written by threads

Six ways we heart Brazil

// The Olympics is kicking off in Rio, so we're getting into the Brazilian spirit.

Written by threads

What we loved in July

// Featuring all the things for a summer Monday.

Written by threads

The threads guide to loving festivals

// With Glastonbury kicking things off last weekend, it's time to start packing. Here are our nine top tips.

Written by Katherine Goodenough

Things we loved in June

// The non-Brexit related things we've been talking about this month

Written by threads

What we loved in May

// Another round-up of Friday inspo for you...

Written by threads

What about the history makers?

// An interview with Martin Smith.

Written by Haydon Spenceley

3 lessons from Captain America: Civil War

// WARNING: minor Captain America: Civil War spoilers here.

Written by Jack Skett

Beyoncé’s Psalms: the theology of Lemonade

// The raw, brutal honesty and Psalm-like quality of Lemonade shows us that even Queen Bey hasn’t got it all figured out.

Written by Chine McDonald

Things we loved this April

// Featuring so many YouTube videos your computer may crash

Written by threads

(In)famous Christian hairstyles of the world

// Because there's nothing we like better than a bit of backcombing...

Written by threads

March inspo

// Here's what's been inspiring team threads in March...

Written by threads

Hail, Caesar! A modern-day passion play?

// Note: contains some spoilers, but hopefully only enough to encourage you to see the film

Written by Danny Webster

Visiting the stations

// A photographic response to the refugee crisis

Written by Christine Gilland

Firebird: a story we can’t ignore

// How a play brought the devastating stories from the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal to life.

Written by Vicky Walker

What we loved in February

// For your listening/viewing/reading pleasure...

Written by threads

Beyond death

// Bowie's foray into a dark conversation

Written by Annie Carter

The best and worst of Christian culture in 2015

// The definitive top 10 list you've all been waiting for...

Written by threads

Humbling the Special One

// None of us are immune from being humbled. Even God Almighty humbled himself to walk with us on earth.

Written by Manoj Raithatha