U2 covering Queen? Afrikaner electro-rap?

The newish Muse song, Madness, is my current ‘marmalade’ (we’re British, so ‘jam’ doesn’t seem distinctive enough.) To me, it sounds like golden-era U2 (Achtung Baby, obviously) covering Queen (disco phase rather than rock-god times). If you haven’t heard it, it sounds like this:

And another one I’ve been high-rotating is this wonderful bit of electro-rap from South Africa. You won’t understand it, but at one point he says that he knows you’re going to invite him to that picnic in your garden. Hardcore. The band is Bittereinder:

Christian, covered metal

I’ve been revisiting Christian metallers, Demon Hunter this week and thought I’d encourage you to check out the video for Life War which is pleasingly simple and interesting. But my greatest metal-related joy this week was a father-daughter cover-version of a metal classic. If you’re not familiar, you should check out the original of Pantera’s Walk first, but this countrified soul cover of it is simply wonderful:

Media bias

A lot of nonsense has been spouted about the BBC this week, mostly by those with an ideological or financial interest in seeing it sidelined. In the week of Auntie’s 90th birthday, I liked reading about people the public don’t trust calling for the BBC to restore trust.  More informative was a piece about how Fox News is hurting the Republican Party in the USA. Relating to that, recent extreme weather and the beginning of this Pick of the Week is this wonderful quote from Aaron ‘West Wing’ Sorkin’s wonderful series The Newsroom.


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