Jon Stewart on the NRA

Piers Morgan has been putting me in the very awkward position of liking Piers Morgan recently, as he has come into conflict with America’s NRA. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has been predictably wonderful in his coverage of the issue, including this little gem (whose video has been degraded in the hope it will stay up). Beautifully said, Mr Stewart. If more Christians in theUnited States thought like you and less like Mars-worshippers, I suspect the gun debate would go a different way. (Contains strong language.)


Ahem. Two friends turn off that annoying Gotye song. Almost.


I love these. Mostly. Well, I love Christians who engage passionately with culture and don’t sanitise it so that only the anodyne and unfunny remain. CatholicMemes has made me laugh out loud many times. Not every one of these is golden and some are too syrupy for me, and many of them have political or theological messages I disagree with. But, then, I’m a grown-up and stuff, so I can totally still recommend CatholicMemes on Facebook and Tumblr for anyone who likes advice animals, memes and the Christian faith. Some are deep-fried gold AND a bowl of grits. This is my personal fave.

Lawrence Durrell remembered

If you’re into literature and have never read Durrell, you are missing out. Like, a lot. If you like complexity, beautiful prose and some intense ideas about art and love, you have got to read Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet. Radio 4 recently ran a short documentary about him which gives you a good flavour. Take a listen, then go get a copy of Justine

Shameless self-promotion

Do you like words? Then Oxford Words is for you. Oxford Dictionaries’ blog is a wonderful place to indulge your inner word-geek. And this week a devastatingly handsome, talented, spiritually gifted, tall and purpose-driven man wrote a piece on it. You should read it.

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