// I’m deliberately abandoning the enterprise of making sense of myself. I breathe in, I breathe out. The silence hisses, neither...

Written by Francis Spufford

Advent devotions – day 14

// They're there for a reason: Part I

Written by Simon Lang

Advent devotions – day 13

// Darkness...

Written by Simon Lang

The gold standard

// We come to this world with nothing and certainly leave taking nothing with us, so the point of wealth is...

Written by Tim Costello

Harvest time

// We are told that there will be an ultimate harvest one day when Christ returns. We may be surprised at...

Written by Luke Aylen

The future edition

// threads bring you our first online edition including Jonty Langley on why the future isn't set in stone, Paul Kerensa...

Written by threads

Your history is someone else’s future

// The question is not so much will you make history? The real question is: what kind of history will you...

Written by Matt Summerfield

Gadget heaven

// All of a sudden some of the events and technology characterised by films such as Minority Report don’t look that...

Written by Aaron Gibson

Imagining a brave new world

// Five new pieces of flash fiction on the theme of 'The Future' written exclusively for threads.

Written by threads

When I’m 64

// Where will you be in 40-years time?

Written by threads

Dear David…

// Hopefully reading this short note will give you some amusement, comfort or even some perspective on how you've changed (for...

Written by David Akinluyi

Dear Hollin…

// I hope that when you’re reading this you are content with what you have been blessed with.

Written by Hollin Cross

Back to Back to the Future

// Where are our hoverboards? Where are our trainers that fasten themselves?

Written by Paul Kerensa

Alex’s Testing Grounds, with a nice long title.

// This is a similarly-nice long subtitle for this post, here so that I can test new versions of the site. Isn't it pretty.

Written by Alex Moyler