This is hope…

// What does real hope look like? I mean, more than simply being optimistic or even at times denying that things...

Written by Hilary Walker

Notes on a women’s conference

// Women I don’t know are staring into my eyes, saying things like: “You’re an amazing woman of God”.

Written by threads

A better way: Durham – speakers wanted

// "We’re not sure where the answers will take us. But we’re certain that we’ll all be on that journey together."

Written by threads

30 things I hope I learn in my 30s

// I have exactly one week left of my 20s.

Written by Chine McDonald

3 reasons I’m thanking God Christmas is over

// "As we head into this new year, I have a sneaky suspicion that the battle for our hearts and minds...

Written by Emily Bowerman

Let me die empty

// I don’t want a half-baked, mediocre life that looks good on paper but is quickly forgotten about months down the...

Written by Ruth Baid

Fred’s story


Written by threads

Myth 8: ‘If I’m unable to work in a paid job, I’m not contributing to society’

// We have even begun to use business words to talk about the Church: ‘networking’, ‘strategy’, ‘vision’, ‘cell groups’.

Written by Anya Briggs

Happiness vs joy

// Stop craving the next big thing, the next life-changing moment.

Written by Lynda Davies

Instagram: seeing the world through rose-tinted filters

// Instagram is a symptom of our dissatisfaction with everyday reality.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

For the prize

// We all have stories we tell ourselves to help make sense of our lives.

Written by Ben Askew

Bit of a balls-up: 5 things that make testicular cancer easier

// Some situations provide so much natural comedy they make you almost forget you may be making your wife a widow...

Written by Jonty Langley