Meet Fred, the star of our video.

He’s just like you and me. His life is a bit rubbish sometimes. It’s not the big life-quaking things necessarily; sometimes it’s the everyday humdrum of life that makes us question what the point of it all is.

Like so many of us, including this cute little guy, things can start to unravel when the hardship of life happens – the eating disorders, the doubt, the divorce, the death, the drunkenness, the depression.

And for many of us, our faith can start to unravel too.

Maybe it’s because many of us have grown up in churches where we’re told that things will all be ok when you become a Christian.

But long after the altar call – when money worries and relationship break-ups and just plain old rubbish things happen – we want to show this generation that God is right there in the middle of it.

So here’s to pre-empting the unravelling. To remembering that in Him all things hold together. To recognising that God has something to say about every area of our lives – from the humdrum to the tragic. Here’s to remembering that God is in control. Here’s to realising that we don’t have all the answers; that none of us has it all sorted out. And here’s to working through life in all its shaky glory together. Because it’s only in community we can do that.

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