Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly … don’t gentrify?

// How do we understand gentrification, and can (or should) we do anything?

Written by Vicky Walker

A hipster speaks out

// And why you’re probably a hipster in disguise.

Written by Benedict Atkins

Wellness – what is it anyway?

// This January, let's take a look at the subject on everyone's lips.

Written by Hannah Dallison

How to be a justice junkie without being smothered by your own compassion

// It's time to take off the cape. We already have a saviour, we don’t need another one.

Written by Mim Skinner

A 2017 resolution: agreeing to disagree well

// How do we pursue truth in an omni-platformed world?

Written by John Coleby

What we loved in December

// A Christmas round-up to see off 2016.

Written by threads

A Christian hygge?

// How does our faith interact with the much-embraced Danish concept of hygge?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

Social media, your habits and faith

// Because habits are powerful.

Written by Guy Brandon

7 tips for surviving Christmas with the in-laws

// When your new family takes the fun out of Christmas, what can you do?

Written by Anonymous

All the single menfolk

// Please tell me what you think about sex, dating, love and marriage.

Written by Vicky Walker

Why I have an issue with nativity plays

// How paying attention to Advent has stirred my appreciation of Christmas

Written by Thomas McConaghie

5 ways to make this Christmas (more) meaningful

// A Christmas message from our friends at Christians Against Poverty.

Written by Joseph Allison

Protesting with kindness

// How to move from social media to social action.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

What we loved in November

// Well November, that was interesting.

Written by threads

Our loss of identity: how our culture is lying to us all

// After Black Friday, we consider whether living ethically is just for hippies and annoying do-gooders.

Written by Anya Briggs

What are you doing on Buy Nothing Day?

// We asked a few friends if they thought dropping Black Friday from their calendars was a good idea.

Written by threads

Love, class and mental illness

// The only antidote to the fear and anxiety we carry is unconditional love.

Written by Laura Edwards

Donna’s story

// As part of our series on working-class church, we asked Donna to share a little of her experience of church with us.

Written by Donna Ali

I want equality for the raw, mucky people of God

// Have we forgotten (or ignored) that the Bible is full of examples where the Kingdom of God was extended through the most unlikely?

Written by Darren Edwards

What does discipleship look like on a council estate?

// Living a life of faith can look quite different outside the bastion of middle-class Christianity.

Written by Laura Edwards