Oh November. Most inauspicious of months, no longer. You’ve been a biggie.

We’ve spent most of the month glued to our phones and computers, it seems. And we’re sure we’re not the only ones. It seems like it’s not safe to avert your gaze from a screen for a minute, because something else might happen. Like this compilation of the best cat videos of 2016 so far. (YouTube says “best cat videos ever”, but we think they’re reaching.)

So here it is – our homage to November – we hope you enjoy it.


This was everyone, everywhere on 9 November: 



And as if 2016 couldn’t get anymore chaotic, some poor souls had to suffer the ordeal of an ACTUAL SNAKE ON A PLANE. With no Samuel L. Jackson in sight. 



This person just decided to face facts – all facts – squarely in the face.



While others channelled their energies into the funniest mash-up of 2016. 



In a bid to escape 2016 altogether, here’s some snaps from a Peterborough photographer who has recreated pictures he took from the 70s and 80s – with the original subjects. 



But there are plenty of good news stories left in the world – like this bride, who found love for the first time at 80, with her 95-year-old groom. Read their love story here.



Other good news includes a debut music experiment by the guys behind electro-pop worship duo Eikon. The new release, called Bless The King is gorgeous – have a listen here.


And finally, we watched OK Go’s The One Moment – it’s not a 2016 release, but somehow we’d missed this one – have you seen it? It’s pretty amazing, as you’d expect.

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