Every now and again someone will say something about me that simply isn’t true.

“You’re into fashion, you must know this… “Actually no, I just like good style

“What? You’re from London? Not China?! Really?” Don’t even get me started on this one.

“You might as well admit it, you are a bit posh.” Mate, I’m from Croydon.

“No, you’re not the poetry type.” Wrong again.

It’s rarely something bad, just an inaccurate reading of my personality. But every single time I want to stand on a table, point an accusing finger at whoever dared to utter anything so incorrect about me and scream “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” at the top of my voice (and I used to work in a school so I’m pretty good at shouting). But every single time I just ignore the comment, make a polite joke about it or start discussing the weather instead. I think I’m just too English to do anything else, and it has been rather cold lately don’t you think,

I mean the temperature has just plummeted, but they’re saying it should rain more soon.

I know it shouldn’t bother me but it does. It bothers me because it means that either we’re not as good friends as I thought we were, or I act differently to who I know I am. I’m not a fan of either option. We all want to be known, right?

But fortunately God knows me. No matter how much other people misunderstand me. God knows all aspects of my personality – the good the bad and the ugly. And the truth is that my personality doesn’t start and end with what my family, friends, colleagues, church and the internets think of me.

And as for you? God knows you, all aspects of your personality – the good, the bad and the ugly. Because God looks at the heart right while we, we mainly judge outward appearances and actions.

But you know what? Sometimes people aren’t who we think they are. Sometimes they fall miles short of the standards and characteristics we hold them to – rightly or wrongly. Sometimes we completely misunderstand each other and sometimes it’s just massively disappointing.

I’d like to say the same thing doesn’t apply to God. I’d like to say that God will never disappoint you. I’d like to say that God will always match up to the standards and characteristics we hold Him to. But that would be a lie because we get things wrong. While God’s character is always consistent, our understanding of God’s character and how that influences His actions is not complete. Our understanding of God’s character is not consistent, because now we see things imperfectly, as though through a dim mirror. And sometimes I can think that I don’t know God at all. But unlike me who smiles politely and talks about the weather while people get things wrong about me, I know that God is always trying to show us who He really is. God is always trying to show the truth of His character, if only we would be open to seeing it.

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Rachel loves tea and cake – and a good friend to share it with. Rachel loves London - preferably without tourists (despite their entertainment value). Rachel loves community – family, friends, work, church and everything else. Rachel loves figuring out the how, why, when and what of educating children. Rachel loves lists.

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