You may remember in late 2014 and then earlier again this year, that we asked you, our threads readers, to participate in research about your faith and beliefs for the One People Commission.

And respond you did: more than 1,700 people ended up taking part in the research, and we wanted to first say a huge thank you to everyone who participated and second, to satisfy your curiosity about what we found!

So here below are some of the key findings, because who doesn’t like to find out a little bit more about themselves?!

Please note: we have also distinguished, where there has been significant differences in the data, between black and minority ethnic respondents (BME) and white British respondents.


We asked if you feel supported and encouraged in your churches…


Three-quarters of you had shared your faith in the last month:



We got honest about doubt:



And told us about your beliefs: 

Millennial beliefs


Although there were some opinions that proved more divisive:

BME and White British Beliefs


Your church involvement is high (80% involved in leadership roles!):

Church Attendance


But this has not come without a cost:



But for many of you, your faith remains the most important part of your decision-making:



In the interests of not crashing your computer, we’ll leave it there, but head over here to read the full report.

Do you agree with the findings, from your own experience? Why or why not?


*The focus group all described themselves as Christians, all live in the UK, and are aged between 18 and 37. 



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We are a collective of Christians from all walks of life, who are living, working and trying to carve out our identity in our worlds. We know our lives can be broken and dislocated and we also know Jesus is the ultimate fixer. We are humble, because we are not worthy. So we’re not judges, and we don’t do platitudes. Life can be full of knots, but we’re living it to the full.

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