Are millennials to blame for the food waste mountain?

// Or are millennial pioneers paving the way for a different approach? A new series on food waste, written by our mates at Tearfund.

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Why our church threw out our mission statement

// So millennials are sick of mission statements? Here’s why our church doesn’t have one...

Written by Jenny Bridgman

I’m a millennial in church leadership – but no one’s listening to me

// Why the Church needs to start adapting – and how to start.

Written by Simon Wilce

I’m not jealous, I’m envious

// My struggle with inter-generational envy.

Written by Simon Wilce

Get a grip

// In praise of my father, who has an amazing grip.

Written by Simon Wilce

In debt and on the dole – the generation without a plan

// I’m 23 and living with my parents, and I can’t help feeling I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Sounds familiar?

Written by Joseph Allison

What do we do with democracy now?

// For millennials, it's the fight of our life...

Written by Christine Gilland

Who do you think you are?

// Read the One People Commission's findings on how Millennials engage with their faith.

Written by threads

Zoella: tween idol

// Is the YouTube sensation a good role model?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

The importance of being publicly crap on Instagram

// There is nothing that pushes the inadequacy buttons ...

Written by Mim Skinner

Millennials & church: Why we need to question our questioning

// We risk championing a scepticism that cuts God down to the size of our doubts.

Written by Alastair Roberts

How do you solve a problem like Millennials?

// We want depth, we want space to be ourselves, but our needs are also linked to our stage of life.

Written by Hannah Mudge