Fellas, it’s come to my attention all the way ‘across the pond’ that Christian men in Europe are absolutely rubbish at asking women out.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never left the confines of my own country; so for me to speculate as to why men of the European persuasion hesitate to ask a woman out would be not only irresponsible of me, but highly American as well. And I’m not eager to further that reputation here today.

However, what I do believe to be a universal truth is that most men—no matter where they reside—suffer from the same affliction: we absolutely hate the thought of being rejected. This insecurity is never more potent than when it comes to women and romance.

The thought of being rejected by the cute bird we’ve had our eye on for a while is both intimidating and daunting. What if she laughs? What if she rolls her eyes and then makes fun of us with her friends later? Worst of all, WHAT IF SHE SAYS NO?

We’ve all had these thoughts haunt us as we try to decide whether we should approach the girl of our dreams or not. So much so that we hesitate for so long that we end up looking like some Jack the Ripper wannabe, simply standing and staring creepily. It’s not a good look for us, lads (did I use that right?).

And while I’m no raging lothario myself, I do have three bits of encouragement I would like to share with you today. I can’t promise they’ll always work and I can’t promise you a bag of sweets for trying them, but if it gives you the gumption to shed that shyness that’s been holding you back and allows you to ask that one special girl out, then I will have done my job well.

Without further ado, I present to you: Three Reasons Cory Copeland Says I Should Ask That Girl Out (we’ll call that a working title…).

1. You’ll be glad you did

Now, wait one tick. Just because I said you’ll be glad you asked that girl out, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll have said yes to your advances. While that is a possibility (you being a handsome, debonair chap and all), it’s also possible she thinks better of accompanying you on a date and gives you a no. Hey, it happens.

BUT… just because you get turned down doesn’t mean you can’t be proud. You bit the bullet and asked a girl out. That’s huge! It takes guts and courage to put yourself out there like that and risk being swatted down in rejection. But you didn’t let that stop you, did you? Nope, you swelled your chest and asked away anyway. You can stand proud in that alone.

And if she says yes? Well, that’s just icing on the cake, innit?

2. You deserve to be happy/have what you want

It’s likely that the ‘you deserve to be happy and have what you want’ movement is solely an American thing (we’re self-centered like that), but it doesn’t make it any less true for you all the way over there in Jolly ol’ Britain.

The truth is that you’ve been gifted breath and life from God and God intended each of us to be happy and fulfilled. And what makes a man happier than having a beautiful girl on his arm and by his side? (Don’t get me wrong; they’ll wreck your life something awful too, but still…) Exactly! So if you’re interested in a girl but are hesitant to ask her out for a litany of reasons, keep in mind that you deserve the chance to be happy and satisfied. That’s a right you have as a living, breathing, kidney pie (sic) eating son of God. If the love of a good woman is going to help in that, it’s up to you to make it happen.

3. She wants you to

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? I know. I feel the same way. But in reality, most of the world’s female population counts it as a compliment if a man shows a respectful interest in them (not that their worth is built on getting attention from a man, of course. Feminists, you can take the day off). It’s just like when a girl shows interest in you. It makes you feel good about yourself, right? The same is true for women (probably…who knows what they’re ever really thinking?).

So if you’re interested in a particular girl, show that interest in a respectful way and ask her out. The worst thing she does is call the coppers (KIDDING!). Really, the worst she can do is say no and (hopefully) take the compliment. The best thing she can do is say yes, and then you’ve both gotten what you wanted.

Use these three reasons as encouragement to approach a girl for a date. I can almost guarantee you’ll be glad you did. And if not, that’s what you get for listening to the American who sits in front of the mirror practising his British accent four hours a day.

Written by Cory Copeland // Follow Cory on  Twitter //  Bedlam

Cory Copeland is a writer living in Little Rock, Arizona, USA. His writings contain heartfelt truths from life experiences, failings in love, and his pursuit of God. You could say He’s Dear Abby, but with more laughs and less prudent advice.

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